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Ashley Steel sucks cock? February 15, 2008

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Well, of course she does…

Unfortunately for you, not on film… but this may be the closest you’ll get!!!


And it looks like my video was deleted once again from www.youtube.com/ashleysteelchannel

Lets try Veoh..


Introducing Andy San Dimas February 7, 2008

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Tasty Andy San DimasAhhhh… sweet young Andy San Dimas *(highschoolfootballrulez!!!)

I met her at AEE ’08 and immediately fell in love with the texture of her gleaming soft skin. I swear it has this milky glow that emits a constant wave of silky pheremone goodness…mmmmmm. Delightful.

I know I am supposed to remain objective or at least heavily jaded after this decade of decadence and the toll it has taken, but I think I sorta fell in fakie love with her…maybe?


Besides, what’s not to love about a gorgeous young girl with perfect porcelain skin covered in punky tattoos who took her porn moniker from BILL & TED’S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE?

She was signing for those plucky devils over at Vivid Alt. Yippie! During the FLESHBOT sponsored Friday night party Andy kicked it with me and the kinda obnoxious guy from Last Night’s Parties, who wouldn’t stomp his feet on the furniture when I requested it and scream “FUCK YO COUCH!” Some people just have no sense of humor.

While we were chilling at the party she surfed XPEEPS on her kick and we watched porn. Amazing. Sitting with a porn star at a porn party for a porn release while surfing the web for more porn.

Wait, let me say it one more time; PORN.

Yeah, any way, she’s hot, so you’re GD right I sat there and listened.

I snapped this pic of her walking around in panties the first day of the show. She’s always wanted the kind of job where it would be acceptable to walk around in women’s underwear all day long, preferably full bottom panties, because let’s face it, while they look amazing thongs are just downright uncomfortable. It would seem AEE ’08 was just an extension of a young (formerly gothic) girls amazing dream.

Check out these helpful links for more of the inchoate star on the rise…then look up the word inchoate, suckapunch!!!






Dance pornstar, DANCE! January 26, 2008

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Fluffersmut editor Rev. Hal. A. Lujah skipped this year’s AVN awards and tradeshow. But last year he hit the floor and made this sweet video compilation of tons of pornstars dancing and getting silly. Enjoy!


Freaks of Fake January 21, 2008

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First things first. I love Gianna Michaels. I think she brings a heat to her scenes that absolutely rocks. She is intense, but not to the “whoa, what kind of unholy shit has this poor girl been exposed to” intensity.

So it was with great sadness that I saw her in a “Freaks of Cock” video. The purity of her sexuality mixed with the FAKENESS of a big prosethtic cock…well, it is like watching Babe Ruth play with a plastic whiffle ball bat.

But Gianna showed her true beauty and power in one of these clips, “I don’t like it when you tell me what to do,” she says with confidence.

You go, girl!! Long live the powerful porn starlets!


Jesse Jane: Porn Star January 15, 2008

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Digital Playground Contract Star Jesse Jane

DCypher posts: There were so many amazing things that I saw, heard, experienced, and lived through this past weekend while attending AEE in Vegas and Internext that it will prolly take months for all of it to spill out. Have no fear I will (most likely) get to it even if it takes the rest of the year. First let me unpack, check the email, delete spam, and kick this Vegas throat. While most people are obsessing over Jenna’s unscripted diatribe during the 25th Annual AVN Awards show other interesting occurrences are getting completely overlooked in the wake of the “I’ll never spread my legs again for this industry” scandal, or, as I like to call it, SpreaderGate 2008.

It has a nice ring to it, no?

One such incidence involved a prerecorded interview with Jesse Jane. Miss Jane (since you’re nasty) was up for Female Performer of the Year but lost it to the literarily inclined milk enthusiast Sasha Grey. In her clip Digital Playground superstar Jesse Jane, in her trademarked style of effervescent girly giggle, attempts to persuade Showtime viewers that her most people don’t believe her when she tells them that she is a porn star. Wait. There is more. She goes on to say that she has to go to great lengths to prove she is in fact a professional porn star and not say, like, an investment banker. She does not specify, mostly due to time constraints, what techniques she employs to convince them.
 While I heart Jesse Jane big time I’m just not buying this girl next door routine no matter how sincerely she sells it. Here comes the math. 

First of all PIRATES is hands down the best selling porn movie of all time at this point and the second adult title to ever have an R rated version released for rental through Blockbuster. Her other titles don’t do so bad either.  

Second, and only less noteworthy, her performance on the hit show ENTOURAGE from well over a season ago is still being talked about. It’s only second to Billy Wash calling everyone a suit or that time that Chuck Liddell almost cleaned Drama’s clock. Third, Adella, Digital Playground’s publicist, not to mention the heart and soul of the company, is the most extraordinary publicist this industry has ever seen. Period. She’s got her girls on MSNBC, E!, and everywhere in between.  

When all else fails there’s the “just look at her,” argument to fall back on. Jesse is hot, smoking hot, with a stunning, surgically enhanced figure and plenty of natural beauty to layer upgrades on. About the only way her neighbors or anyone else could NOT believe she was one of the top female performers in the adult entertainment industry is if they were Amish.  

Ultimately the “aww shucks” modesty routine she utilized was undoubtedly genuine. If anything it just goes to show Jesse prolly still doesn’t realize just how big her name has grown in the last couple years. Don’t worry Jesse…we still love you and can’t wait to hear more about PIRATES 2.




Fetish Bombshell Felony Returns to the Business!! January 11, 2008

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Ashley Steel Posts: You heard me right, Felony is back and oh how joyous we are to hear that!

You might remember Felony from such covers as Hustler of September 2000, March of 2003, and Barely Legal 13 or maybe from her 2002 Best Solo Gang Bang Nomination. Last year she made a brief guest appearance working for Evil Angel, Cousin Stevie, and Naughty America… but this time she’s back with a vengeance.

Here’s what Felony has to say about why she left, how she feels about being back, and some super sexy fantasies you definitely want to read!

Ashley: So tell us, what’s coming up for you now that you’re back?

Felony: Lots of fun sexy scenes, fetishy stuff of course, duh… AND my own fetish site coming up later this year.

Ashley: So, tell us why you left the business?

Felony: I guess let the stalkers get the best of me last time. I have three children and it just wasn’t worth it to put their lives, and my own in danger. Someone had gotten our home address, and I was just scared.

Ashley: Wow, that’s pretty harsh. Did you get rid of them?

Felony: YES. I rid my life of all the negativity and changed residences several times. I am ready to have some good sex and fun times without the fears of the past.


Ashley: So how do you feel about coming back?

Felony: To be very honest, I miss it. I love the sex, I love the people, and hell who wouldn’t want to get paid to fuck? I just can’t stay away… I love my fans and I love this business.

Ashley: So will we be seeing a new Felony?

Felony: Definitely. I feel like I’ve grown into an even more evolved sexual being and I feel like my fans are about to see the Best felony they’ve ever seen.

Ashley: So who are you hoping to work for this year?.

Felony: I’ve always loved Hustler. I really am hoping to do a lot more work with them. Also I know Playboy has a lot of new stuff they are doing… I really am looking forward to shooting some stuff with them as well. And I have yet to be pet of the month, eh ehm.

Ashley: What’s your favorite thing to shoot?

Felony: Fetish.. For sure. I love being tied up and tying others up. AND I know this may be controversial but giving it to a guy with my strap-on has to be the hottest thing in the world… and therapeutic. I find that to be so fucking hot, I can’t even stop thinking about the next time I get to give it to some man. I love giving golden showers too…so dirty and hot. I just love the aspect of letting go of my fluids and someone just taking it all in.

Ashley: Tell me do you have any other fantasies?

Felony: My favorite is – Breaking into a guys house, sneaking into his bed while he’s asleep. He’s soft, and unsuspecting… Then just touching him and fondling him without him waking up, but being turned on… The thought of putting my lips around his cock and making it grow in my mouth… There is something so sensual about that to me. Its like I really know I’m turning him on… he can’t hide it.

Ashley: You are SUCH a Dom. That’s hot.

Felony: *Laughs* I know I know…

Ashley: So you sound like you’ll go pretty far… do you have any real deal breakers?

Felony: ATM, that’s a complete turn off.

Ashley: Fair enough… so tell me, is there anyone you’re looking forward to working with this year?

Felony: Sunny Lane – we worked together on Cousin Stevie’s set. I taught her how to fist another girl.. OMG we had so much fun. I really am looking forward to fucking her again. Also, as far as male talent. Jack Lawrence – He’s made me squirt so hard and so much. Oh my god I love working with him.

Ashley: So this Squirting thing, when did you find out you could squirt?

Felony: The first time I squirted I didn’t know what it was. I thought I peed on myself. I was so so so embarrassed. I had to be about 18 years old.

Ashley: Awh, so what did the guy do?

Felony: He actually got really excited. He was like OMG you came and squirted so much. He was really happy. I kept asking him “are you sure this is normal.” After that I started masturbating and learned how to make myself squirt too. It was awesome.

— I’m sure you’re as excited as I am about her return. This is gonna be awesome.


Roxy is Rockin’ like Dokken!

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When Roxy Deville jumps on set and declares her “Dokken” Tshirt to be the greatest ever, she immediatelty jumped about 20 spots on my  “Hottest Starlet” list.

But later, during the scene, when she tells about how she got the shirt when it was thrown at her – post Blowjob – to wipe the cum off her face…well, I pretty much fell in love with the spunky gal.

check out some clips:


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