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1960’s Anti-Pornography Propaganda June 28, 2008

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Just stumbled across this anti-porn film from the 1960’s. Wow… makes me think what kinds of judgments, stereotypes and psycho babble we are propagating now that future generations will see as blatantly absurd.

Edit: Here is a link to the wikipedia page about this film, if you’re interested. Click here


collegen injections that MATTER April 4, 2008

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Apparently women are getting injections to make their g spots bigger.

Now, THAT is plastic surgery I can get behind. Personally, I’m saving up to have scrotum implants. They could use the same bags they use for breasts, even. I’m thinking 200 cc’s would just fill out my sweat pants perfectly.


“Cocks as Props” February 20, 2008

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In the HJ or BJ niche, the cock is just a prop.So the cock casting is critical, IMHO.

Don’t let his flab, body hair, or lackluster erection detract from her glorious performance.

Fit, groomed, with a good looking cock that stays viagra-hard.

In most circumstances, his hands should stay to himself and his voice should not be heard at all.

Nothing personal. It’s just how I’m wired, okay?

TheDickSuckers.com understands me.

For example, in this adriana nicole’s scene. While she is playing with herself, she says, “I think you and I both know this isn’t why we’re here.”

And then she is given a faceless cock and center stage.

Where she proceeds to rock that cock like a gloriously depraved, sexual artist.

The guy has to tell her to stop several times cause he is too close to cumming.

That’s hot. I’d much rather have a guy be too turned on and have to stop…than a not-quite-hard dick that ends with a frantic jerk-to-pop.



What? No braces? January 24, 2008

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I totally get the whole desire for young, taut, barely legal, sexually blooming girls. (**Ashley Steel, cough, cough**)

Even though I sometimes question the decision making abilities of an 18 year old girl to make decisions that will affect them for ever. “Hi, I’m Billy’s mom. Yes, I’m the one the kids downloaded off the internet. But that was years ago and I no longer put beer bottles in my ass.”

But what I don’t really get is the desire for young girls that look MUCH younger. girls that look pre-pubescent. Girls like recently launched, “Little Val.”
I mean, I appreciate that it is all legal, but it seems far from “youth fantasy” and much more like “pedophile loophole.” Meh.
too young

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