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PHX FORUM Dance! April 7, 2008

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Another silly dance video featuring:
Ashley Steel
Eva Angelina
Missy Anderson
Ashley Fires
Penny flame
Lia 19
& The FLASHCA$H girls


Puff Mommy March 13, 2008

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Is there anything more glorious than that moment when a woman’s shirt is pulled over her head and her glorious breast revealed!?

In this scene, the titty-treasure even includes PUFFY NIPPLES!  Mmmmmm.


XBIZ Video part 1 “Intro to Porn” February 19, 2008

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Halcyon asked dozens of the countries top pornographers about their first time experiencing porn. This is part one of 2.


Hot Directors (No, not you, DCypher) February 5, 2008

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There is something exceptionally cool about female porn directors.

Just knowing that Tristan Taormino is behing the scenes makes the whole scene hotter, for example.
Which is why I’m SUPER excited abotu the new stuff coming out from Tramp Stamp Studios.   Haze, one of their new directors is SEXY AS HELL!

And she writes some smoking behind the scenes updates on their blog.

hot director


XBIZ Hollywood January 30, 2008

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It is almost time for the annual XBIZ tradeshow in Hollywood, CA. (not to be confused with the annual AVN Internext in Hollywood, FL!!!)

Last year Hal asked people, “What I love about porn is…”

What should we ask this year!?


The “real” Casandra Cruz January 29, 2008

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Even though I’m still bitter about the crumbled facade of “real ex girlfriends, I was stoked to see Casandra Cruz featured as an “Ex.”

I had the pleasure of meeting Casandra Cruz when she worked with Hal & Tramp Stamp Studios to do some promo at a recent Trade Show in LA. She was super nice and extremely sexy…but until now I had not seen her perform.

So the pain of finding out there is no Santa Claus these were not “real” ex girlfriends was worth the pleasure of seeing Cassandra do her thang.

tramp stamp cassandra


TSS sites?.they?re Smut-tastic! January 8, 2008

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After all the hard work behind the scenes, the EXTREMELY hot porn we’ve been shooting is starting to become available to the public!

For example, CONGRATS all you Trampers on the launch of STROKE MY BONE!

Here’s a gallery of sample clips from the new site:
Stroke it, baby!


If I wanted below-average, I’d look in the mirror?

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During a recent conversation between myself and another porn-appreciating man, I was impressed to hear him state, “Size does matter.” As a long time hetero(mostly)sexual proponent of superior cock quality in porn, it was nice to hear I’m not alone.

This is a good example of what I’m talking about: That’s a specimen, right there! Cristina Bella is way out of her league, quite frankly. But she gives it a gallant effort!

view vids

And don’t miss the *fabulous* pink fur pillows on set! They are to DIE for!


Montreal Girls?. January 7, 2008

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We were in Montreal and it was fucking cold. For my warm natured spirit the weather was killing it. I couldn’t believe we were getting these girls out in snow blizzards to fuck. We were snowed in for a few days and it sucked for the production, esp. since we were stuck in a gay area with only tranny bars in walking distance, not that I don’t love my gay brethren but we were there for the girls. Which in Montreal everyone talks about the girls and they have a good reason for doing so, they are nasty little sluts and that’s something any country should be proud of.

Let’s take Tamara, she has a plethora of little sluts running behind her willing to do whatever she says. At first glance she comes across as a bubbly, sex crazed blonde with tits for brains, not saying that’s a bad thing. While the first may be true, for brains this girl has more than big tits up there, she’s all about the hustle and that’s a thing to be cherished in this business.
(Tamara is posing with Vid Vicious)

Cherry Petite, our little Cherry, has a glazed over expression half the time but once the cameras are rolling she turns into the super porn star she’s known to be. This girl weighs about 90 pounds but still manages to come across super sexy. She has a prowess vampire like quality that comes across really well in print and video. For her size, any dick appears enormous next to her body but even if it were huge she will take it like a blue ribbon horse. Cherry is definitely one to watch for in our productions.
cherry petite
(posing with the studio cat, Furrball)

Candy didn’t say much because she can’t speak English..HELLO!, you are a fucking hour away from the next English speaking town but considering we didn’t pay for her speaking skills she worked out great. Anyway, she was a really nice girl who had an amazing body. I can’t remember anything else about her, really. She would only fuck her boyfriend, he was a nice bloke but it had that coupe sex feeling, kinda like you are spying in on your babysitter and her boyfriend doing the nasty. Did I mention she had an amazing body and she did give a good blow job!?


Happy New Year from TSS. January 4, 2008

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I finally made it back from a wild production Bonanza and the madness of the holidays. Myself, another producer and our lovely Pablito have been filming in Montreal and it’s was crazy. I have a lot of stories but I am still buzzing from work and the new year. We had so much fun and we filmed a lot of material with the French hotties out there. The girls in Montreal are blazing and very nasty. But the cold weather was an absolute buzz kill, so we had to improvise on the days we stayed in and as you can see we came up with some crazy shit.

funny crew

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