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PHX FORUM Dance! April 7, 2008

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Another silly dance video featuring:
Ashley Steel
Eva Angelina
Missy Anderson
Ashley Fires
Penny flame
Lia 19
& The FLASHCA$H girls


Eva can take a (beer bong) load

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Stumbled on this youtube vid of smoking hot porn star Eva Angelina demonstrating flawless Beer Bong skills:


Me and My Momo February 12, 2008

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Tattoo's rule!Believe it or not tattoo’s hurt a little…which is prolly why we’re so quick to brag about them once they’re finished. Obviously some places hurt more than others…like the inside of your wrists or say your anus.

Nevermind. Scratch that.

Anyway, here’s another photo from AEE I just got around to posting. It’s Momo aka Monique Alexander from Vivid Video putting her tattoo up to mine.

Damn! Even her tattoo is pretty. Lol.


XBIZ Hollywood January 30, 2008

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It is almost time for the annual XBIZ tradeshow in Hollywood, CA. (not to be confused with the annual AVN Internext in Hollywood, FL!!!)

Last year Hal asked people, “What I love about porn is…”

What should we ask this year!?


Happy Humpday January 23, 2008

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graphic analDCypher posts: Welcome to the middle of another lovely week of porn!

Just wanted to drop by and let you know that I haven’t forgotten about you, or my promise to dish on the most bizarre events from the recent AEE.

In the meantime, while I kick this cold and catch up with a ton of work details too boring to list here, enjoy this lovely and graphic picture of a romantic anal coupling from Director Chris Streams upcoming release SQUIRT MACHINES for Jules Jordan video. I will be posting a full set of TGP’s on Fleshbot hopefully by the end of the week.

And when you’re done, feel free to gargle and rinse your eyes with Purell or a generic brand of antibacterial gel, because you never can be too careful!


Aqua Porn Hunger Force

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I love Aqua Team Hunger Force. And I love Tera Patrick.

And yet, somehow they are two great tastes that *would* taste great together…were it not for the addition of a HOT DOG.

If I was Tera’s husband, I would be okay with the strange cocks that she put in her mouth. But a mouth full of low grade lunch meat? ewwwwww!

Still, it’s pretty damn cool to see her record her guest spot with Meatwad and the crew.



Ashley & the Sex Spectrum January 21, 2008

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While walking from the car to the club in Southern California this weekend, Fluffersmut editor Ashley Steel found herself bumping into the two opposite ends of the Hot Model Spectrum…

On one end of the spectrum:
The smiles and sunshine sex appeal of Shane’s World star, Casey Parker:

BadGirlLiz, Casey, Ashley

And moments later, the goth goddess sexiness of BlueBlood star, Scar13:

Ashley, Scar, BadGirlLiz

Hal was holding the camera…and I was home alone re-watching a Peter North compilation DVD. *sigh*


Truth In Porn January 16, 2008

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Truth in PornDCypher posts: I was digging through some pix I shot from the set of my last movie, a Cal Vista feature called RUNAWAY LOVE, when I came across this amazing shot of Talon getting blown by Kissy Kapri. What’s most amazing about this shot is NOT his rigid tool clearly lodged into her grill but rather the expressions on the faces of the performers in this behind the scenes sneak peek into the reality of porn we face everyday.

 Just as only a serial killer or a person several sexually aroused by meat products should ever watch the process of seeing a sausage actually being made, so too we often advise porn fan(atics) to avoid learning to much about how their favorite titles are shot. The truth can hurt you, as it turns out, and in the case of porn ignorance quite often is truly bliss. Put that little axiom into your wisdom pipe and smoke on it!

The truth is that your favorite starlet isn’t a sizzling sexpot of lust turned on by laughably banal pick up lines and more than likely she won’t rip your pants off and choke herself half to death on your tool halfway through you sputtering out some patently offensive and ludicrously sexist remark about how hot her tits and ass are.

The truth is the performers from your favorite all time scene may not even like each other all that much and would probably never hook up under any other circumstances and exchange bodily fluids with wonton abandon other than being paid for it. The truth is most porn guys, those lucky bastards you admire, can’t get laid off set to save their life and struggle in an uphill battle on any given day to get the girl their fucking to stay into them between takes.

Even reality porn isn’t really based on reality, per say, but rather a confluence of what producers think viewers want to see as based on market reaction and brisk sales. Or did you really think guys in buses were picking up girls that weren’t sex workers off the streets, fucking them, then stealing their purses?

The truth is that no girl should ever ask you if you like fucking their tight little pussy while you are having sex with them. Porn girls say the silliest things, don’t they? If you or your significant other make noises anything like your average porn star while having sex you may want to stop and rush to the local ER to have yourself checked out. I’m just saying…

Don’t get me wrong. Some moments on set are magical. I’ve seen performers so into one another that they DON’T want to stop fucking, but it’s not the norm. The truth is this is how we make our money and we need you to keep on believing in us, to keep buying our products.

You know I’m just playing right? It’s all real. Never mind. Go back to surfing for more porn. Everything is going to be alright.  


Jesse Jane: Porn Star January 15, 2008

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Digital Playground Contract Star Jesse Jane

DCypher posts: There were so many amazing things that I saw, heard, experienced, and lived through this past weekend while attending AEE in Vegas and Internext that it will prolly take months for all of it to spill out. Have no fear I will (most likely) get to it even if it takes the rest of the year. First let me unpack, check the email, delete spam, and kick this Vegas throat. While most people are obsessing over Jenna’s unscripted diatribe during the 25th Annual AVN Awards show other interesting occurrences are getting completely overlooked in the wake of the “I’ll never spread my legs again for this industry” scandal, or, as I like to call it, SpreaderGate 2008.

It has a nice ring to it, no?

One such incidence involved a prerecorded interview with Jesse Jane. Miss Jane (since you’re nasty) was up for Female Performer of the Year but lost it to the literarily inclined milk enthusiast Sasha Grey. In her clip Digital Playground superstar Jesse Jane, in her trademarked style of effervescent girly giggle, attempts to persuade Showtime viewers that her most people don’t believe her when she tells them that she is a porn star. Wait. There is more. She goes on to say that she has to go to great lengths to prove she is in fact a professional porn star and not say, like, an investment banker. She does not specify, mostly due to time constraints, what techniques she employs to convince them.
 While I heart Jesse Jane big time I’m just not buying this girl next door routine no matter how sincerely she sells it. Here comes the math. 

First of all PIRATES is hands down the best selling porn movie of all time at this point and the second adult title to ever have an R rated version released for rental through Blockbuster. Her other titles don’t do so bad either.  

Second, and only less noteworthy, her performance on the hit show ENTOURAGE from well over a season ago is still being talked about. It’s only second to Billy Wash calling everyone a suit or that time that Chuck Liddell almost cleaned Drama’s clock. Third, Adella, Digital Playground’s publicist, not to mention the heart and soul of the company, is the most extraordinary publicist this industry has ever seen. Period. She’s got her girls on MSNBC, E!, and everywhere in between.  

When all else fails there’s the “just look at her,” argument to fall back on. Jesse is hot, smoking hot, with a stunning, surgically enhanced figure and plenty of natural beauty to layer upgrades on. About the only way her neighbors or anyone else could NOT believe she was one of the top female performers in the adult entertainment industry is if they were Amish.  

Ultimately the “aww shucks” modesty routine she utilized was undoubtedly genuine. If anything it just goes to show Jesse prolly still doesn’t realize just how big her name has grown in the last couple years. Don’t worry Jesse…we still love you and can’t wait to hear more about PIRATES 2.




Montreal Girls?. January 7, 2008

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We were in Montreal and it was fucking cold. For my warm natured spirit the weather was killing it. I couldn’t believe we were getting these girls out in snow blizzards to fuck. We were snowed in for a few days and it sucked for the production, esp. since we were stuck in a gay area with only tranny bars in walking distance, not that I don’t love my gay brethren but we were there for the girls. Which in Montreal everyone talks about the girls and they have a good reason for doing so, they are nasty little sluts and that’s something any country should be proud of.

Let’s take Tamara, she has a plethora of little sluts running behind her willing to do whatever she says. At first glance she comes across as a bubbly, sex crazed blonde with tits for brains, not saying that’s a bad thing. While the first may be true, for brains this girl has more than big tits up there, she’s all about the hustle and that’s a thing to be cherished in this business.
(Tamara is posing with Vid Vicious)

Cherry Petite, our little Cherry, has a glazed over expression half the time but once the cameras are rolling she turns into the super porn star she’s known to be. This girl weighs about 90 pounds but still manages to come across super sexy. She has a prowess vampire like quality that comes across really well in print and video. For her size, any dick appears enormous next to her body but even if it were huge she will take it like a blue ribbon horse. Cherry is definitely one to watch for in our productions.
cherry petite
(posing with the studio cat, Furrball)

Candy didn’t say much because she can’t speak English..HELLO!, you are a fucking hour away from the next English speaking town but considering we didn’t pay for her speaking skills she worked out great. Anyway, she was a really nice girl who had an amazing body. I can’t remember anything else about her, really. She would only fuck her boyfriend, he was a nice bloke but it had that coupe sex feeling, kinda like you are spying in on your babysitter and her boyfriend doing the nasty. Did I mention she had an amazing body and she did give a good blow job!?

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