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1960’s Anti-Pornography Propaganda June 28, 2008

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Just stumbled across this anti-porn film from the 1960’s. Wow… makes me think what kinds of judgments, stereotypes and psycho babble we are propagating now that future generations will see as blatantly absurd.

Edit: Here is a link to the wikipedia page about this film, if you’re interested. Click here


love song: “Let me smell your dick” April 23, 2008

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It warms the heart, doesn’t it?


Best. Photochop. Ever. April 3, 2008

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What do you get when you cross a dangling tampon string and a love of 80’s video games?

Pure genius.


A Great American Hero March 29, 2008

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History will look back on this man as a pioneer and revolutionary.

All hail the man who started the Sex with Picnic tables movement!


Thank god for the Onion March 22, 2008

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the article 


St Paddy Warning March 13, 2008

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St Patrick’s Day is coming up!
But to be perfectly honest, I am NOT a fan of drinking-based holidays.
I’m sure there is a great story about Irish Pride and banishing the potato-famine-causing snakes…but we all know that St Paddy’s Day is for drinking.
Same is true with Cinco De Mayo, Fat Tuesday, and New Year’s Eve.

My problem is not with the holidays themselves, but the fact that the occasions bring out all the amateurs.

You wouldn’t go from being a couch potato to running a marathon overnight, would you?
And yet millions of basically sober people turn into party animals just because the calendar gives them permission.
Well, I am sorry. That is WRONG.
Just like running a marathon, serious partying requires TRAINING.

That is why I encourage everyone to maintain a steady regimen of wine, beer, and spirits, to stay in optimal party shape.

Some crazy people argue for moderation, but the key to successful drinking is PRACTICE.

You may lose your job, friends, and physique…but nobody will be able to take your “party animal” title away.    So join me this morning (and every morning) for a bowl of Guinness & Lucky Charms, would you?


the LOST Porn Training Film February 20, 2008

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This Little known Dharma Initiative training video explains the Pornographic intentions of the Hanso Foundation. (Includes sample clip from LOST Porn movie, “Arctic Heart, Tropic Loins”)


Use Of ‘N-Word’ May End Porn Star’s Career (onion video) January 30, 2008

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“I have great respect for the African Americans who have fucked me in the past…”

Use Of ‘N-Word’ May End Porn Star’s Career


Animals + Urine = Family Fun! January 23, 2008

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You’d have to be pretty freakin’ twisted to find this clip sexual. But we at Fluffersmut, Inc. believe in embracing all the beautiful perversions the world has to offer, regardless of our own personal preferences (did someone say, “Mermaid Sex?”)
So if you have the stomach for it, we present you: “Thirsty Orangutan”


Aqua Porn Hunger Force

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I love Aqua Team Hunger Force. And I love Tera Patrick.

And yet, somehow they are two great tastes that *would* taste great together…were it not for the addition of a HOT DOG.

If I was Tera’s husband, I would be okay with the strange cocks that she put in her mouth. But a mouth full of low grade lunch meat? ewwwwww!

Still, it’s pretty damn cool to see her record her guest spot with Meatwad and the crew.


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