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Penny Flame Wants To Teach You How To Properly Give A Hand Job February 15, 2008

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In all of porn there is not a soul like sexy, beautiful, articulate, Penny Flame. Bubbling with scads of personality and a veritable sea of smutty buddy titles under her belt, it’s a wonder the all-natural beauty can still sit straight.

Which is probably why Tristan Taormino, head honcho over at Vivid-Ed, announced today that she’s officially signed Miss Flame to direct her own line of Gen-Sex instructional videos. Her first (working) title is “Penny Flame’s Expert Guide to Hand Jobs for Men and Women.” No word yet on possible acronym variations on that title.  PF’s Pro HJ’s 4MW sounds more like a Craig’s List post than a Vivid release.

The press release attributed this quote to Taormino; “Penny is smart, articulate, sassy, and has a loyal fan base. She’s real and people can relate to her which makes her perfect for Vivid-Ed. We’re so lucky to have her!”

Congrats young Penny. Flame on sister!


“I want you cum!” January 21, 2008

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Foreign porn stars is a tricky thing.

On one hand, tits are tits, right?

It should hardly matter what language comes out of the mouth. What matters is the way a cock goes *in* it.

On the other hand, there is something distinctly different about scenes with foreign women. As if the “connection” just isn’t there.

Maybe it’s just me… Maybe it is a reminder of how badly I struck out with foreign backpackers at Amsterdam Hostels in college.

That being said, if a woman is enthusiastic and believable, then I could care less if her “c’mon, baby!” repetition has an accent or not.

Dianna Doll is an example of a foreign accent that actually works to her favor, I think.

(Of course ManoJob are experts at recording the sweet sounds of a woman’s dirty talk.)

check out some samples of her voice (and handjob skills)

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