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niche-tubes March 26, 2008

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We all love pornotube and redtube, right?  But who has time to sort through all the skinny chicks while looking for the plumpest BBWs?

The answer is here! www.fat-tube.com!

I feel kinda bad for the poor folks looking for a “large bandwidth” solution.

I can only assume that tons of niche tube sites like “Auto-Erotic-asphyxiation-Tube.com” are coming soon


I Drink Your Ass Milkshake!! March 17, 2008

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There is a new site, Ass Smoothie, that is far more literal than I ever could have hoped for.

There has GOT to be a better way to get more vitamin C in your diet!


Ponytails looks best on women

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POV scenes are MADE for dudes like this. The shaved sides hair-do with tiny-ponytail would be best left OFF camera.

(In fact, it has been years since a male porn star looked good with a pony tail. Maybe never?)

That being said, he has a good looking cock that gets nice and hard. And his co-star is super hot and dirty and works his cock like a slut with something to prove. Once his hairpocolypse is out of frame, this scene is HOT.


Prose & Cons February 29, 2008

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In the current world of depravity, it takes a creative mind to find new ways to degrade someone.

See: www.wifewriting.com.

“We reduce women to scratch paper”


O is for Orgasm January 26, 2008

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Orgasm.com has re-launched with a pretty spiffy system.

When it is working it is like porn heaven.

-Full, FREE scenes, searchable by talent or niche.
-You can even make playlists of scenes you want to watch (on the off chance that you want some hands-free time. …’Cause is there anything more annoying than having to clean the lube off your hands *just* so you can click “play” on the next video?)

The whole things seems to be a way to drive traffic to the dating site, SexSearch. But there method of showing ads while a video buffers is pretty sweet, IMHO.

The downside is that it is new and, for me, only worked about 25% of the time. And as I just said, doing tech support with lube all over my hands is NOT my idea of sexy time.

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