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Ashley Steel – the sweetest Slave April 2, 2008

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When you talk to Ashley, you are quickly taken in by her smile, intellect and wit.

Thank goodness there are galleries like this Girl/Girl BDSM one to remind us that she is also GODDAMN, DROOL-INDUCINGLY SEXY!!


Ponytails looks best on women March 17, 2008

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POV scenes are MADE for dudes like this. The shaved sides hair-do with tiny-ponytail would be best left OFF camera.

(In fact, it has been years since a male porn star looked good with a pony tail. Maybe never?)

That being said, he has a good looking cock that gets nice and hard. And his co-star is super hot and dirty and works his cock like a slut with something to prove. Once his hairpocolypse is out of frame, this scene is HOT.


Heterosexual Cock Pride March 14, 2008

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This compilation of facials rolls like a “Best Picture” Nominees overview from the Oscars broadcast. Alas, they only give credit to the female recipients of the facial.
What about the shooter?!
I recognize Peter North from about half of those geysers, but I think all of them deserve credit.
Maybe we need to haver a “Heterosexual Cock Pride” parade to stop the shameless disrespect of Stunt Cocks.

Plus, the music selection is CLASSIC.


Puff Mommy March 13, 2008

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Is there anything more glorious than that moment when a woman’s shirt is pulled over her head and her glorious breast revealed!?

In this scene, the titty-treasure even includes PUFFY NIPPLES!  Mmmmmm.


Ashley Steel sucks cock? February 15, 2008

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Well, of course she does…

Unfortunately for you, not on film… but this may be the closest you’ll get!!!


And it looks like my video was deleted once again from www.youtube.com/ashleysteelchannel

Lets try Veoh..


RedTube January 26, 2008

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The bad thing about sites like RedTube is that they basically are stealing content.

The good thing is that it allows for “mashup” compilations like this cumshot extravaganza. Somebody in Chatsworth should give this guy an editing job!

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