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Glamour and Glitz and Sex November 21, 2007

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Porn can be the candy land for many people, the eternal playground, a fantasy that never ends or ends with the happiest of releases. For me it’s a place to explore everything I’ve been to pussy to try in real life but on other people. There’s something very surreal about watching people have sex almost everyday. You tend to put things in perspective and contemplate the naturalness of sex. It allows you to fulfill all your fantasies, anything you desire, whether it be in complete secrecy or open for the world to see, you will find it in porn. No other business will allow you to explore you sexuality and not blink an eye or give a fuck if you do. The only person you can shock is yourself. I hope your enjoying the most honest enterprise as much as I am learning to do so.



WA Dance Video! November 19, 2007

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Hello, my name is Moses November 11, 2007

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I like to talk about porn, not myself. So I’ll just copy/paste what someone else wrote:

“I’ve seen Moses naked and he looks pretty normal. So I’m not sure where his fascination with penises comes from. Gay tendencies? Probably. But that still not an excuse.”

I should note that despite the author’s wishes, I am not gay.  In fact, I’m fascinated with pretty much all genitalia.

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A little porn lingo to start the day. November 7, 2007

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With the left hand I present you the ” Shocker”, notice the two fingers for pussy penetration and the pinkie finger for anal stimulation. With the right hand we have what you will call ” Fisting” and that can be thrust into any crevice that creates pleasure for your partner(no skull fucking please).

no skull fucking please

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