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Special Effects December 31, 2007

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Porn has never been known for it’s technical achievement. In fact, usually the budgets are so low that “makeup” is considered pretty fancy. So it is pretty bizarre to see a prosthetic penis unleashing like a geyser.
I wonder if porn would somehow be considered less obscene if it done with special effects? (ie. fake murder is considered fine on TV, while real murder is more taboo to show)


Choose Abstinence!

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Abstinence, the condom.

Can you say, “Genius?”


Please Welcome, Ashley Steel!

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Holy Shit, this is exciting (and extremely sexy) news!!!

Please welcome new “IntroToPorn” Editor, Ashley Steel!!!

Look for upcoming posts from Ashley about her thoughts on porn, working her way through college, behind the scenes info, and whatever she thinks is sexy.


Quad balls?! December 29, 2007

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Is it just me? Or does the combination of ab flab and shaved torso make it look like this guy has a second set of balls above his real balls?!? (check the first clip) I find it dreadfully distracting. Possibly the first time I’ve wished for MORE hair on a stuntcock.


More on the white couch December 21, 2007

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Here is

some more pics from the scene I watched (that was filmed on the couch I was sleeping on!)

I actually even used both actors in a little skit I filmed afterwards. (She wiped off the cum, first…for continuity’s sake.)


Dirty Dark-haired Dream December 20, 2007

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This woman looks nasty. Wonderfully so. Something about a brunette porn star with filth in her eyes that makes my heart….er…cock swell.
So much so, that I’ll forgive her for sucking cock during a hand job video.


Your Ass, Our Couch, My Bed

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I went to Budapest a bit ago to film some behind the scenes fun from TrampStampStudios. Wellll, some of the sceens I saw filmed are finally available online!

I have SEVERAL stories about this scene. But I’ll share just one for now:

I had been sleeping on that white couch for 2 nights before I found out (by watching footage from previous days’ shoots) that my bed/couch was being used in MANY scenes.

Yep, my pillow must have absorbed all sorts of ball sweat and secretions. It’s a miracle my face didn’t break out in a rash…or worse! (luckily, the sex I saw was pretty hot. MORE LATER!)


Forever and ever December 7, 2007

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Amber is a fresh faced girl, with a nice, tight, big ass and she’s only 18, she’s a wet dream for any young man, but even with all that some men still can’t keep it hard. This girl is like a slice of peach pie and she tastes like one, literally, she is the epitome of the saying and the guy today still can’t keep it up. This is the side of the business men never think about when they say “I want to be a porn star”. It’s a lot easier said then done. The girl can be a perfect ten model and you can be pounding that ass and when you glance to your left and see that pimple faced assistant eating a boloni sandwich, you can and probably will if you are a newcomer, lose that hard on. It’s a lot of hard work to be a male porn actor, it’s takes a lot of stamina and viagra. I have tons of respect for these stunt cocks who come over and over in a day. You never truly appreciate it until you have a day like this.

6 hours later…………………………

We are still trying to get the “money shot” and to no avail we are pushed to use drastic measures. It’s Amber’s first boy/girl scene and she thinks it’s her fault. After reassuring her that it’s not her but the guy, we are considering whipping up some kind of egg mixture to get it over with, so we can go home and possibly get laid ourselves. This has been the longest one day scene, EVER.


Getting ready December 6, 2007

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The morning usually starts with a nice breakfast cooked by our chef, followed by an intellectual debate regarding world affairs…..yeah right! From the moment we open our eyes, to the moment the last girl is paid and out the fucking door it’s mayhem. Whatever can go wrong will, from ill prepared girls(and by prepared I mean just bringing the right clothes), to agents that are ghosts when needed and locations that can’t be found. A mist the shit are the prima donnas, the people who can actually make life on set unbearable. But in between all the madness there is the allure of the industry.


What would you rather wake up to or for? Bad Coffee, a stale bagel, stuck in gridlocked traffic and then 8 hrs at a desk? Or a strong espresso, beautiful women with no morals, and locations that you can only dream of. In the first scenario you are likely to go home and jerk off to my websites and in the latter it is likely that you will get your dick sucked by the model herself(for me, I’ll take the hook up in another form;).


This is what my average day looks like, naked girls running around, lounging around, the crew tip toeing through sets,people fucking in one corner, spectators looking in another. And me running around crazy making sure every piece of the puzzle fits snug and perfect. It’s like a sex filled tornado.


This girl is Amy Lee and she is a nut case. She was getting ready for another producer but I manage to sneak in some photos of her. I am shooting her in a couple of days and I think she’s going to rock. Her attitude reminds you of one of those trailer park bad girls. You know the ones that sucked and fucked the entire football team before the end of the season and probably all the senior professors as well. She just has that fuck me in the ass and talk to me later look about her. Won’t you agree?


And Hottie Holly didn’t have the best body but she fucked with the best of them. She liked it rough and hard and very deep. She was dripping sweat and panting after every scene and still wanted it harder. So whether or not she had the best body she did have to best attitude about some good ole’ fashion hardcore fucking. For you guys I am sure she’s one you will want to check out because she has the dirty next door girl quality, very approachable and very fuckable.


Pink Octopussy

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Why is it so easy to find pink-haired girls in Hentai, but almost impossible in real life!?

Probably the same reason why it is so hard to find a willing sexual Octopus in real life.

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