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Never Forget! January 31, 2008

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All That We Say & Do Is RightThis post has nothing to do with porn, but everything to do with the outlaw spirit of porn so many of us embrace and hold sacred…so there!

One year ago today the media and the Boston Police Department turned a promotional gag for Aqua Teen Hunger Force into a Media Borne Event, terrorizing innocent people nationwide with the false fear of bearded terrorists lurking in the shadows waiting to strike out at our civilian population. How did they accomplish this Herculean task? By bringing in the Bomb Squad to blow up light bright sets on FOX News.

Ironically enough the whole scenario seems like something from an episode of ATHF featuring the Mooninites. Ahhh…good times. All that was missing was (former) Presidential candidate Rudy 9ui11ani promising us that everything was going to be okay and Bill Clinton roaming the streets hugging people.

The FOX News quotes are just plain hilarious. Listen to them closely.


XBIZ Hollywood January 30, 2008

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It is almost time for the annual XBIZ tradeshow in Hollywood, CA. (not to be confused with the annual AVN Internext in Hollywood, FL!!!)

Last year Hal asked people, “What I love about porn is…”

What should we ask this year!?


Use Of ‘N-Word’ May End Porn Star’s Career (onion video)

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“I have great respect for the African Americans who have fucked me in the past…”

Use Of ‘N-Word’ May End Porn Star’s Career


The “real” Casandra Cruz January 29, 2008

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Even though I’m still bitter about the crumbled facade of “real ex girlfriends, I was stoked to see Casandra Cruz featured as an “Ex.”

I had the pleasure of meeting Casandra Cruz when she worked with Hal & Tramp Stamp Studios to do some promo at a recent Trade Show in LA. She was super nice and extremely sexy…but until now I had not seen her perform.

So the pain of finding out there is no Santa Claus these were not “real” ex girlfriends was worth the pleasure of seeing Cassandra do her thang.

tramp stamp cassandra


“Real” January 28, 2008

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While I was checking out the members area of RealExGirlFriends.com, I saw some familiar porn faces and it immediately killed the fantasy for me.

I gotta hand it to the genius who thought, “How can I make a porn site when I don’t have a very good video camera or knowledge about proper lighting techniques? I know! I’ll sell it as ‘real’ home videos!!!”

Don’t get me wrong, they are HOT girls and I love watching them perform meat tube tricks, but I’m not a fan of the whole “Let’s see how stupid the consumer is” game.

Genius marketing? Perhaps…but I’m not buying it. I’ll stick to those truly REAL pickups in that crazy ol’ bang bus.


RedTube January 26, 2008

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The bad thing about sites like RedTube is that they basically are stealing content.

The good thing is that it allows for “mashup” compilations like this cumshot extravaganza. Somebody in Chatsworth should give this guy an editing job!


Dance pornstar, DANCE!

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Fluffersmut editor Rev. Hal. A. Lujah skipped this year’s AVN awards and tradeshow. But last year he hit the floor and made this sweet video compilation of tons of pornstars dancing and getting silly. Enjoy!


O is for Orgasm

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Orgasm.com has re-launched with a pretty spiffy system.

When it is working it is like porn heaven.

-Full, FREE scenes, searchable by talent or niche.
-You can even make playlists of scenes you want to watch (on the off chance that you want some hands-free time. …’Cause is there anything more annoying than having to clean the lube off your hands *just* so you can click “play” on the next video?)

The whole things seems to be a way to drive traffic to the dating site, SexSearch. But there method of showing ads while a video buffers is pretty sweet, IMHO.

The downside is that it is new and, for me, only worked about 25% of the time. And as I just said, doing tech support with lube all over my hands is NOT my idea of sexy time.


Christian breaks it down January 25, 2008

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I am fast becoming a fan of Christian’s blog. He is a big (6′ 5″), buff, friendly, pro cocksmith. He’s also a triathalete who takes his sex scenes as serious as his training. (Which I suppose you have to do when you do up to 29 scenes a month!!! It makes my penis ache just to think about.)

In his recent post about why pornstars escort he also gives an awesome overview of how the porn industry has shifted and changed over the last 10 years.

We’ve also added Christian to our blogroll over there on the right.  Keep it up, Christian!  (get it? ‘Keep it up?’ Meh.)



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An ALL pink set, a huge smile, and an “Oral Fixation” confession…Be still my heart!

With this scene of Nichole Heiress, The folks at PornPros may have redeemed themselves from the fake phallus trauma they put me through with “Freaks of Cock.”

(at the very least it is a palette cleanser after the previous “pink” post) 

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