“All the ooze that fit to print”


A Great American Hero March 29, 2008

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History will look back on this man as a pioneer and revolutionary.

All hail the man who started the Sex with Picnic tables movement!


Phx Forum Dodgeball March 27, 2008

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The legendary adult webmaster show “The Phoenix Forum” is underway. And that means: NAKED DODGEBALL!

here is a quick video from the first day of balls/boobs/booze action:

Online Videos by Veoh.com


niche-tubes March 26, 2008

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We all love pornotube and redtube, right?  But who has time to sort through all the skinny chicks while looking for the plumpest BBWs?

The answer is here! www.fat-tube.com!

I feel kinda bad for the poor folks looking for a “large bandwidth” solution.

I can only assume that tons of niche tube sites like “Auto-Erotic-asphyxiation-Tube.com” are coming soon


2 girls One cup of holy water March 25, 2008

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I made the digital equivalent of making a bad turn into the bad part of town yesterday.

And before I knew it I was surrounded by innocent sounding domain names that led to nightmares of epic perversions.

I share this only in the name of science.

And religion, I suppose.

I urge you NOT to look.


and then pretty much any of the links at the bottom.


Thank god for the Onion March 22, 2008

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the article 


I Drink Your Ass Milkshake!! March 17, 2008

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There is a new site, Ass Smoothie, that is far more literal than I ever could have hoped for.

There has GOT to be a better way to get more vitamin C in your diet!


Ponytails looks best on women

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POV scenes are MADE for dudes like this. The shaved sides hair-do with tiny-ponytail would be best left OFF camera.

(In fact, it has been years since a male porn star looked good with a pony tail. Maybe never?)

That being said, he has a good looking cock that gets nice and hard. And his co-star is super hot and dirty and works his cock like a slut with something to prove. Once his hairpocolypse is out of frame, this scene is HOT.


Heterosexual Cock Pride March 14, 2008

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This compilation of facials rolls like a “Best Picture” Nominees overview from the Oscars broadcast. Alas, they only give credit to the female recipients of the facial.
What about the shooter?!
I recognize Peter North from about half of those geysers, but I think all of them deserve credit.
Maybe we need to haver a “Heterosexual Cock Pride” parade to stop the shameless disrespect of Stunt Cocks.

Plus, the music selection is CLASSIC.


St Paddy Warning March 13, 2008

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St Patrick’s Day is coming up!
But to be perfectly honest, I am NOT a fan of drinking-based holidays.
I’m sure there is a great story about Irish Pride and banishing the potato-famine-causing snakes…but we all know that St Paddy’s Day is for drinking.
Same is true with Cinco De Mayo, Fat Tuesday, and New Year’s Eve.

My problem is not with the holidays themselves, but the fact that the occasions bring out all the amateurs.

You wouldn’t go from being a couch potato to running a marathon overnight, would you?
And yet millions of basically sober people turn into party animals just because the calendar gives them permission.
Well, I am sorry. That is WRONG.
Just like running a marathon, serious partying requires TRAINING.

That is why I encourage everyone to maintain a steady regimen of wine, beer, and spirits, to stay in optimal party shape.

Some crazy people argue for moderation, but the key to successful drinking is PRACTICE.

You may lose your job, friends, and physique…but nobody will be able to take your “party animal” title away.    So join me this morning (and every morning) for a bowl of Guinness & Lucky Charms, would you?


Puff Mommy

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Is there anything more glorious than that moment when a woman’s shirt is pulled over her head and her glorious breast revealed!?

In this scene, the titty-treasure even includes PUFFY NIPPLES!  Mmmmmm.

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