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Purple Helmet Haze April 29, 2008

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Have you Ever Been Experienced…in Porn?

Jimi Hendrix has.


love song: “Let me smell your dick” April 23, 2008

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It warms the heart, doesn’t it?


“The Shockra” April 9, 2008

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PHX FORUM Dance! April 7, 2008

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Another silly dance video featuring:
Ashley Steel
Eva Angelina
Missy Anderson
Ashley Fires
Penny flame
Lia 19
& The FLASHCA$H girls


Eva can take a (beer bong) load

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Stumbled on this youtube vid of smoking hot porn star Eva Angelina demonstrating flawless Beer Bong skills:


collegen injections that MATTER April 4, 2008

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Apparently women are getting injections to make their g spots bigger.

Now, THAT is plastic surgery I can get behind. Personally, I’m saving up to have scrotum implants. They could use the same bags they use for breasts, even. I’m thinking 200 cc’s would just fill out my sweat pants perfectly.


Best. Photochop. Ever. April 3, 2008

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What do you get when you cross a dangling tampon string and a love of 80’s video games?

Pure genius.


Ashley Steel – the sweetest Slave April 2, 2008

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When you talk to Ashley, you are quickly taken in by her smile, intellect and wit.

Thank goodness there are galleries like this Girl/Girl BDSM one to remind us that she is also GODDAMN, DROOL-INDUCINGLY SEXY!!

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